What can I do when I can do nothing?

what can i do when i can do nothing?

is there actually an instance where i can only do nothing?

is doing nothing doing something?

is nothing neutral?

or is nothing a negative contribution?


my guilt, powerlessness, lack of creativity and drive are eating at me. i help my friend run his instagram account for a dog rescue overseas and I get tragic messages about animals being poisoned, tortured, and suffering in ways that are unimaginable and in every sense of the word heartbreaking and i can do nothing, being i am 74884957 miles away and have no saying on which cases the rescue can take and the rescue is always full and lacking resources anyways. i see it all happening then I hear about the tragedy that followed because no one moved and I can d nothing. i admit i am a fool. i must be doing something wrong. or going at this wrong. there must be a solution. things shouldn’t be this bleak. I hope i have more faith to be a vessel to the power I know is available to us through Christ and do something about this suffering.


Egypt: Film Hepta

Dear Wonderful Reader,

I present to you this lovely Arabic song from the Egyptian film, Hepta. Hepta is Greek for seven. The film suggests that there seven stages of love.

Please enjoy a taste of Egypt and Romance!


I love how this song was able to capture the delicate and tender feelings that we feel in the very beginning stages of love. I have always been drawn to art that was able to capture that because I feel that It’s a very challenging task and can easily be perceived as phony or cheesy. Thankfully, there is still hope because every now and then I stumble upon something that teleports me to times when I felt those tender, sweet feelings and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.