Happy, Happy, Happy!

Dear Wonderful Reader,


Happy First Day of Spring!

Oh, today is also International Day of Happiness!

What a cool coincidence (though, not sure if IHD falls on the same day every year, but do correct me if I’m wrong).

And can we just pause and appreciate the metaphorical significance of this!

Do something that makes you happy today and tell me about it!




10 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy!”

  1. Hey, thank you for liking my blog. I’ve been going through your blogs and I’m pretty confused; kind of like being smacked in the face with flowers. It’s so… jolly… Are you like this all the time? It’s a little crazy seeing that my blog is completely the opposite of this one. So this was a happy thing I found today, hope you had a happy Happy Day!

  2. Don’t think Happiness and Spring on the same day is a coincidence at all, it’s synchronicity! My blog is all about coincidences that aren’t really a coincidence. Thanks for visiting me. I am enjoying the uplifting tone of your blog.

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