DIY: An Elegant and Cute Vase

Doesn’t it feel so wrong to throw away those beautifully shaped bottles of wines?! lol. Well, here’s a very creative and simple way to make a beautiful use out of those glass treasures. Enjoy.


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Christina is 25 years old, living in Los Angeles, USA. She graduated in 2013, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Creative Writing. Christina is a curious soul, so she filled her college career with classes about art, philosophy, fashion, photography, etc. You name it, she took it (say... archery? Yes. Hmm belly dancing? Yes!). Yes, it all that "learning" did result in prolonging her stay at college, but she doesn't regret it one bit, as she feels ready as ever to produce this blog to you and introduce you to her colorful world! She has three blogs, make sure to check them out: 4ever21Christina A blog for the happy, modern, well-rounded woman. Today Is the Day Tune in for daily inspirational quotes plus their matching photos. I Heart Vocabulary A vocabulary devoted blog.

34 thoughts on “DIY: An Elegant and Cute Vase”

      1. Oh my my, I will have to take pics for you. I’m in the process of creating something now. I have sunflowers, wood branches, and looking for tulips. All fake of course- don’t have a green thumb. LOL! Excited 4 u 2 tell me what you think!-)

  1. Hi Christina!
    Thanks so much for following my blog πŸ™‚ I appreciate it and followed you back.
    I loved your DIY idea. Some colored bottles would also be nice i imagine! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank You Sweeti: However, it seems like I’m having a hard time understanding those awards. How can you win? and how can you find out the award producer (the blog that initiated the award) ?

      1. Hey again. πŸ™‚ I was confused about this too at first, but a friend explained it to me. This is what he said: “It’s more of a recognition thing, than an actual award. Basically, if you’re nominated you got it, since there isn’t an actual award body that gives it out. I was a bit confused at first too. It’s more of a way to recognize people you like than an actual award.”

        So yeah. πŸ™‚

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