Start the Day on a Good Note


What do you guys do first thing in the morning to start the day on a good note?


Today, I found myself clung to my phone browsing the internet and forgetting my priorities. The dangerous thing wasn’t the aimless browsing but it was embarking on the “negative” websites that one tend to find spontaneously on the web. I researched problems instead of solutions, illness instead of healing and I felt like I am not setting a good tone for the day.


How do you guys spend your first hour of waking? How should I spend my morning?

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Christina is 25 years old, living in Los Angeles, USA. She graduated in 2013, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Creative Writing. Christina is a curious soul, so she filled her college career with classes about art, philosophy, fashion, photography, etc. You name it, she took it (say... archery? Yes. Hmm belly dancing? Yes!). Yes, it all that "learning" did result in prolonging her stay at college, but she doesn't regret it one bit, as she feels ready as ever to produce this blog to you and introduce you to her colorful world! She has three blogs, make sure to check them out: 4ever21Christina A blog for the happy, modern, well-rounded woman. Today Is the Day Tune in for daily inspirational quotes plus their matching photos. I Heart Vocabulary A vocabulary devoted blog.

18 thoughts on “Start the Day on a Good Note”

  1. Dear Christina,   If you brush your teeth, splash your face with COLD water and do a few simple stretches you’ll be ready for almost anything.Best wishes Rocky

  2. I always lie in bed thankful that I have a roof over my head and then for the last 15 years come rain or shine I go out and walk my dog. Beautiful to watch the seasons and be out in nature, unfortunately he’s a little bit old now and isn’t up for going out for walks but in my mind that is the best way to start the day – out in nature. Equally though if I pick my phone up I can also get lost on looking at all kinds of things.

    1. Youre so right. It’s such a beautiful way to wake up in the company of nature and animals. Maybe you could play a light catch with your dog in the backyard. It’s cool that you’ve kept that tradition going for 15 years 🙂

  3. Hi,First i would try to finish the basic house hold chores as early as possible so that I can keep myself free for the whole day to do things which I like the most.I always need my time without responsibilities.

  4. Same. The first thing i do is go on facebook and instagram. Not exactly something one should do to start the day on a good not. I should do something about that hahaha

      1. i turn off my wifi right before i sleep. lol. i think the waves mess up my sleeping pattern. I’ve noticed now that I turn off my wifi, i’m getting more restful sleep. LOL.

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