Sophisticated Sunday Pt.1: The French Country Side Through Jules Breton’s Eyes

Dear Wonderful Reader,

I know It’s Tuesday, but better late than never, right!

I present to you Jules Breton,  a painter that has infatuated me with his paintings ever since I first laid my eyes on The Last Gleanings (1895) at the Huntington Library in Pasadena (the first picture, down below). His paintings have an aura of serenity, sensuality, and warmth even though they captured the mundane, un-luxurious life of the French country side. I gathered a collection of his precious paintings for you. Nonetheless, do research and check out the museums around you as the digitalized images couldn’t fastidiciously capture the brilliance harmony of the colors.

Some Facts

  • Life: 1827-1906
  • Birth Place:  Courrières, France
  • Periods: Realism
  • Interesting Fact

a.  In 1880 Vincent van Gogh walked 85 miles to Courrières to pay a visit to Breton, whom he greatly admired, but turned back, put off by Breton’s high wall. (Wikipedia)

b. Willa Cather’s novel The Song of the Lark takes its name from Breton’s painting.


At The Huntington Library








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