Diary: Its a Revolution in the Making

Have you ever wanted something so bad and waited for it so long. You wait and wait and wait, hoping that your patience will pay off at the end and maybe it will. BUT I”M SO TIRED OF WAITING AND WANTING AND WISHING on something that I feel will never going to happen. Sure I should be positive and optimist and just wait some more. But I can’t and I won’t and that’s because I’m an optimist. I figured if life doesn’t want to give me what I want then I have to two options: to submit, wait, and live in the hopes of finding what I’m looking for one day; or to turn the tables on life and eff it, since am not going to get what i want anyways, why play by it’s rules.

Sure, it’s going to take some practice, and whole a lot of self-talk to adopt to that new mentality and lifestyle but I must be stronger. I must be stronger than life. There are many quotes and philosophies that says we are a lot more stronger than we think we are, and they’re true. We’re always so bound by expectations; so prisoned by trying to conform to society and thats how we lost our vigor. I’m tired of waiting for things and being dissapointed by things I can’t control, but in a way maybe I deserve all of this because I rarely try to take control. So from on, hello VIGOR!!!

I wanna be bold, audacious, and vigorous. If I’m not to get what i want anyway, at least have fun at it. Ha

Do you guys ever feel the same way?