An open letter to Procrastination

Procrastination: I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Because of you I am a late bloomer. And I hate it. You make me feel paralyzed. You make me feel unable. You make me feel like a loser. I hate how you play a big role in my life and I hate that you just creep up on me everyday. I hate how many times I tried to battle you and failed. I hate knowing how capable and close I am to achieving my goals and dreams but you just stand there between me and them.


You stand there mocking me with a look in your eyes about how weak willed I must be to succumb to you everyday. You’re so good at at making me self-loathe. The smirk on your face says it all.

Some people have great obstacles like lack of health, money, resources, or time and yet they rise above themselves and their scarcity whatever it may be. But here you are wasting away your years because of me. I am nothing to other people. But to you, I am your enemy.

How easy is it for me to lure you in with sleeping in, lingering in bed, watching just one more show. I relish in the idiotic ways I can make you surrender to me even without knowing.

Sometimes I even make you think that you have everything under control so what is wrong with just a little entertainment. A little venturing off the way.

The high you get from being productive and staying on task have become so foreign to you that you can’t even keep it up for more than just one day. It literally scares you and makes your heart beats faster.

Truth is I am scared of who you could be without me.

Will you be able to conquer me?

I will.


Diary: Procrastination…man

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” ― Stephen King

Unfortunately, procrastination plays a big part in my life. Its one of my worst habits, that often gets me down. I always procrastinate when it comes to homework and school. Right now, I have a ton of homework due and I only have two weeks of school left. I still didn’t turn in a take-home midterm that was assigned a MONTH ago. On top of that, I need to turn in another midterm, write a research paper, submit some blog entries. I hate when I disappoint my professors in me, especially those that are nice to me. I know my assignments are doable but those midterms are a little scary because they’re about genre fiction, detective fiction, fantasy fiction, and Sci-phi and stuff of that sort. Those genres are a little hard for me to grasp.
However, I’m not writing this post to complain. I’m just hoping this post will help me clear my head and set my goals: Finish those midterms.
Do you guys have similar experiences?
Do you guys have any advice for me?