C2: Road Trip

C2: Road Trip:

There are things that I am afraid of. Dark truths about the world that I am afraid to face and look in the eye. Maybe they’re not entirely dark but they are not entirely light either. Maybe the hidden, the parts that I don’t know or see will give me the relief and courage I need to face the dark parts. But the healing doesn’t come before the hurt.

(I wrote this, hoping that writing would be cathartic and alleviate my fears. I am literally afraid to take a road trip because I am afraid of what I am going to see and suffer the emotions and the actions that those truths warrant.)

Day 11: My 10 (14) Pet Peeves


  1. Nail Clippings: Anything nail clippings’ related. When people clip their nails/toes with clippers that don’t have catchers and the clipping go flying across the room in a mysterious area and shall never be found except months later when you’re picking up that chip that just fell off, on the floor… I’m exaggerating of course but yes nails clippings.
  2. When my dentist tries to carry a conversation with me while operating on me.
  3. When family members drive my car or sit in the passenger side and leave change in the cup compartment. I’m not opposed to leaving change in cars cause you never know when you’re going to need it but I prefer to leave in a little drawer on the far left of the steering wheel.
  4. When I worked really hard to organize (and categorize) an area and then people (my sister) borrow something and doesn’t put it back the proper way/where it belongs and just shoves it somewhere.
  5. People who never apologize, even when they acknowledge that they’re wrong. I’m not being difficult but if you did something that you know is wrong towards me then just apologize and let’s move on. How else would I know that you’re aware that what you did was wrong and (hopefully) won’t do it again. Also, those who don’t say thank you.
  6. When people lick their fingers in public after eating. Or when they lick all their 10 fingers instead of washing their hands…:(
  7. When people crack weird joints in public, like their neck or back… (I don’t find it gross or anything but it makes squeamish). Also, when people mess with belly buttons (makes me squeamish as hell).
  8. When people have a million icon/file on their computer’s desktop on random places and when their trash isn’t empty (computer recycle bin….why is it called “recycle” bin..?!)
  9. When colleagues talk about how they went #2, or going to, or almost did (for people who are from outside The States, that means when people defecate). NO ONE needs to know this about you or is dying to find out.
  10. Again about work/school, when colleagues or classmates bring lunch or food that makes the entire room stink.
  11. Super over the top baby talk; the talk that breaks out when people are talking to babies, animals, or their significant other… Maybe I’m just a hater cause I’m not comfortable doing that but I find that annoying.
  12. When people say “like” 79579497663838757959 times in a sentence.
  13. When people on social media, especially the beauty community say dumb comments about make up/clothes like and are not exclusive to: “This is life”, “I’m living for this”, “This (insert materialist item) changed my life” *rolls eyes.
  14. Last but not least, Its hard to explain but when girls are eating and after they’re done eating they put their tongue behind their upper lip then out and it produces a sound similar to a lip smack. Does that make sense….

Operation Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Dear Wonderful Reader,
I had the honor to participate in fellow blogger Keith project, Happy Happy Joy Joy. He is trying to explore what gives people hope and joy to help everyone stay motivated, but especially those who are struggling with physical or emotional burdens in their lives.

Click here to check out Keith’s blog for some great inspiration. Follow him and support this great message. It will be awesome if some of you participated to; all the information are on his blog.

Thank you Keith for giving me this amazing opportunity!


Personal: Spring 2014 Bucket List

Dear Wonderful Followers,


  • Here is a picture of me taking from a rather interesting angle, for those of you who are wondering, “who is this girl?!”.

So lately I have been blogging about stuff that I liked/cared about that I wanted to share with you. But as I was scrolling down I noticed that while the majority of those posts represented me, they weren’t exactly about me. And what’s the point of a blog, if its not personal (or at least personal to some extent)?! It’s never easy to be really personal, and I know you understand, but I trust you. So, I am going to share with you my Spring Bucket List. Not sure if I’m using the term Bucket List correctly here, but whatever!

I have never done a Spring Bucket List, so this is my first one. I would love for you to conduct one too and share it with me (or not!). Just because it’s nice to have something to look forward to, like Mr. McConaughey mentioned in his Oscar’s acceptance speech, even if it’s something little. So I am going to post it here and on the last day of Spring, I’ll revisit it and we can talk about it.

My Spring Bucket List

1. Pray everyday

2. Go to the gym everyday

3. Blog everyday

4. Get a Henna Tattoo

5. Get a Tattoo

6. Get a job that I enjoy

7. Connect with old friends

8. Read at least five books (I would share them with you, but I have no idea what I am going to read but I know that “Love in the Time of Cholera” will definitely make the list. Feel free to recommend me any books=])

9. Do good deeds to my family

10. Experiment with arts and crafts and create/learn five DIY projects

11. Experiment with cooking and baking (Yum!)

12. Get a haircut (or not! I still haven’t made up my mind, but I find it much easier to manage my hair when it’s shorter, since it’s so curly.)

13. Make the most of my weekends

14. Well, there is this serious issue that I am facing at the moment and I tend to put off what I’m supposed to do regarding it cause thinking about it makes me kind of anxious. So, I shouldn’t be doing that! Guys please pray for me or just wish me well (if you don’t pray). So yeah don’t forget to tell God about me in your prayers, please!

15. Stay true to myself

P.S. Notice I didn’t put a period after each task, cause they’re still “unfinished”. lol

Thoughtful Thursday: Evil People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Procreate

Dear Wonderful Reader,

You know when you meet someone so, so dumb and you wonder in you head, “how did you make it on Earth for that long?!” Or someone so, so beautiful– needless to say, its the reaction people get when they see me– and they wonder in their heads “how can she not be famous already?!” Jk! Or someone so evil, so horrible, so nasty and you’re just like, “how did you survive Karma all that long?! You gotta be on Karma’s top 20 list!” And then you start pondering the future of humanity with them in it and think how can such people ACTUALLY EXIST IN THE WORLD! Well, those were my exact thoughts too when this happened…

A couple days ago, we got a phone call from my sister, shortly after she left for work. Unfortunately, we learned that she got in a major car crash that involved two other cars. But, don’t worry, she’s okay and apparently the other two drivers were okay too, though one of them practiced her acting skills as soon as the ambulance arrived, in hopes of “milking” the situation *rolls eyes. Upon hearing the news, my father and I rolled out of bed (well, just me honestly, he was already dressed and ready to carpe diem) and drove to her rescue. My dad still thinks she’s a little girl (she’s 22) who doesn’t know how to handle such situations. (Mind you, I rolled out really quickly and didn’t even brush my teeth, cause my dad was rushing me. My morning breath was tolerable bur the worst part was how I didn’t have time to put on a bra and how uncomfortable I felt during the drive and how much I strongly disliked gravity at those moments…) Anyways, we arrived there safely and pulled up in the first left lane (if you’re unfamiliar with California freeways, this is the fastest lane, located on the very far left and then you have a cement fence that separates the freeway from the opposite-direction traffic) and went out to seize her and see what the hell happened…

IMG_3984Here is a little visual aid for you to help you get a clearer, less distorted perspective of the situation on hand.

As we were standing in the midst of this destruction and despair, some and I mean quiet a few of the drivers passing by were yelling unkind words like “IDIOTS”, “STOP TEXTING”, and some were doing the loud HAHAHA evil-witch laugh to our faces. In fact, at one point some (weirdo) driver drove extra slowly and was genuinely angry because we had occupied the first lane and thus caused a traffic delay. As if we were doing that on purpose!!

I had so much to say, so much. But I let my shirt do the talking for me.

41FgGTSbq1L._SY200_Unfortunately, I didn’t have one of those on hand but I made a mental note to get me one as soon as I get home. Though honestly, I did my fair share of flipping the bird to them; sorry to distort the image of a respectable, well-mannered blogger in your head, but I gotta be real.

In all seriousness though, when I (and I don’t claim to be Buddha or anything) see car accidents anywhere, the first thing I do is pray for them in my head asking God to be with them, hoping that no one was injured or God forbid dead (Well, the first thing I REALLY do is thank Him that it wasn’t me). And I am sure that is the natural response because all my family and friends do the same. BUT THOSE PEOPLE THAT DELIGHT IN OTHER PEOPLE’ MISERY? HOW CAN THEY EXIST? HOW CAN THEY BE ALLOWED TO PROCREATE?  I know that the world is full of ugly things and people but I’m always shocked to experience them first hand. And you know maybe if that was an enemy of theirs, then I’d understand if they took delight in his misery; though that would be still messed up. But, we were just random strangers and It’s scary to think that those people live among us and their nastiness just comes out at you in our most vulnerable moments.

But, all we, Warriors of Light gotta do is smile and politely say “F*** Y**” and let them nasty people go on their way with their nastiness. Remind ourselves not to let anyone steal our happiness or our peace. And when we go home we pray because prayer is truly the most invincible weapon against all evil. Even though us, Warriors of Light, are forgetful sometimes and we forget that. But we know that at the end, we won’t be defeated! Because good ALWAYS defeats evil.

Appropriate Quotes: 

“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16: 33)

” When I despair, I reme,her that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”

-Mahatma Ghandi

I couldn’t help but wonder… is it time for change?

Always loved and was amused by how Carrie always started her articles by this phrase so I’mma use it lol.

I failed two of my courses this quarter and got fired from my job and it’s all due to procrastination and my perpetual habit of always being late and missing deadlines.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something. I feel like everything is being put into perspective and I’m finally unable to get away with irresponsibility like I used to before.

I think the universe is telling me that its time for CHANGE and a NEW BEGINNING as I’m approaching 22 and officially leaving adolescence behind.

21 was one of the most confused years in my life I gotta say.

How did you feel at 22?

Please share your thoughts with me, I’d really appreciate it.

I won’t go down without a fight

So even though I got fired, I felt obligated to leave my work place as liberated and “true to myself” (if that makes sense) as much as I can. Thus, I decided to express to them all the things that have been going wrong and no one wanted to talk about. I really don’t know how are they going to treat the truths that I have communicated to them but I really don’t care because at the end of that day I can sleep knowing that I did what I had to do.

Life after getting fired <3

A window for change.
A new beginning.
Fuller potential.

What does’t kill me, makes me stronger