2. Plan and Follow a Morning Ritual

Hello, hello,


Well, why. It has been a while! Thank you for sticking with me.

I am doing a 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. And no, I am not jumping on the Minimalism-New Age-Crystals train. I just need to do all the things that this challenge lists.

I am skipping number 1, but I will do it at the end of the challenge.

Here is the challenge, if you would like to participate yourself.

30 day minimalism.png


Alright, on to # 2.


Morning Ritual.

a. get 8-ish hours of sleep and wake before 7 am. Preferably at 5 am.

b. stretch.

c. pray and read.

d. write/ journal.

e. shower.

f. read.

g. Blog and breakfast.

h. Get one big thing ticked off my to do list, before 10 am.

i. pets.

j. jog (a LITERALLY 3 minute jog, but hey, I am building up to something. Hopefully!)

k. respond.


 Planning CHECK

Execution Pending 


Vintage Delights

Dear Wonderful Reader,

Today I splurged and bought a new watch. As I ‘m walking down the department stores’s aisles trying to make it look like I “accidentally” stumbled upon my reflection  in the mirror to check myself out, I realized how vintage or Old World my watch looked and was just musing trying to figure out why I have this attraction towards things that are of the past. I guess of I’m just one of those people… I find myself rather enchanted by sentimentality or nostalgia. I don’t know why. Is it because feelings associated with sentimentality, and nostalgia give mere materialistic items more worth than they deserve… Is it because social sciences say that we buy things to reflect who we are to people and I’m rebelling against this “tech” filled age (while I’m using a laptop blogging *rolling eyes at myself) and sticking my guns out by sticking to values and traditions of the past… does that fit better with my emotional nature…

Furthermore, I went to TJ Max and saw this lovely retro fan for $50.00 that I really wanted and kept thinking about, but don’t worry I was a good human being and made it out without buying it since I don’t need it even though my treacherous mind was telling me how summer is coming up and how that my birthday is too coming up and how that should be my birthday present to myself or I could buy it and tell my sister that I already bought my birthday gift from her and ask her to pay me back or I could just buy it for a friend and what was so wrong with giving…

OK. The point is I like vintage stuff. I want all these items in my house/at my place (when I have one). In an effort to embrace minimalism and save $$ I’m going to satisfy my cravings by sharing with y’all those lovely vintage, retro, Old World, whateveryouwannacallit things who just “so happened” to be blue. So enjoy this guilt-free window shopping experience.

How it all started…


Can’t realistically justify why would anyone purchase a typewriter but it’s just so lovely…il_fullxfull.2283478601retro-lamps-2Crosley-retro-style-cruiser-turntable-turquoise-vinyl-CR8005A-TUil_fullxfull.403420767_mj4zblue-old-clock-made-urss-39020063antique-2B-2Bdresser-2B-2Bblue-2B-2Bfurniture-2B-2Bmakeover-2B-2Bdiy-2B-2Bbaby101rotbart_fridgeOn that note… Have a Coke 😉


Day 5: 5 (7) Things that Makes me Most Happy Right Now

original_50-things-to-make-you-happy-posterDear wonderful Reader,

I believe the five things that make me most happy right now are, and in no particular order are:

  • Blogging: The world of blogging is fabulous and I love being able to materialize my thoughts and ideas into blog posts. Also, It makes me happy that when I get likes, comments, or followers so Thank you ❤
  • Decluttering: I love decluttering or rather I hate clutter. Now that I have more time than I used to, I like going through my stuff and giving away or throwing out things I don’t need. It’s true what they say about your space reflecting your state of mind.
  • Taking Baths: After a long day of stress and dealing with people who aren’t very nice or helpful, I love taking  a bath and watching a comedy show to relax me.
  • Watching Good Movies: I love watching and discovering movies. I love it even more If I finish a movie and know that It’s soothing that I am going to be watching again or recommending it to friends. The last good (amazing) movie I came across was Amelie.
  • Helping Others: I love helping people in general…. Let me rephrase I love the feeling I get after helping them but sometimes I don’t enjoy the task itself. However, the reward is great because it makes me feel happy and rejuvenated.
  • Spending with my Family & Pets: One of simplest life pleasures that we often take for granted or at least I do. Note to self: be kinder to your family and create the best memories.
  • Reading on the Beach/outdoors: I love going to the beach by myself to read. There is something magical about receiving knowledge while being in nature’s embrace; It makes me feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with your life, gives me positive energy and zeal, and inspires me.Summer-Reading