Job Interview Results


Dear Wonderful Reader,

So my job interview didn’t go well at all. I didn’t plan accordingly so I was 20 minutes late. Like I said I tried the honesty approach but it didn’t go well at all. It seems like people want to hear “groomed” answers at job interviews.

I was a little depressed driving home cause I felt like my true self isn’t as impressive as my “groomed” (fake) self in job interviews. But then I realized… to hell with it.

Oh Above is what I wore to my job interview.

Social Experiment: A Different Take on a Job Interview

Dear Wonderful Reader,

I have a job interview tomorrow. As I am sitting here trying to figure out how to give the perfect answers and look the perfect way, I realized that I am making the same mistake all over again. Thats what I did at my last job and It wasn’t a good fit. Perhaps it was because all of us were sitting there “acting the part”. As I started working there and getting closer to my boss and co-workers and getting more comfortable to show my personality, when all theĀ facades fell, thats when our differences started erupting and looked us right in the eye. And it was evident that there is a clash of philosophy/personality.

So I am just going to drop that facade.

I am not going to lie about the gaps in my resume.

I am not going to say the good-sounding weaknesses like “I’m a perfectionist”, and “I could have such high standards at times”, when they say ask me about my weaknesses in the work place.

I am not going to try to contain my big hair into a bun.

I am not going to wear a the “standard” dress shirt, skirt, and high heels.

I am not going to be politically correct.

I am going to be frank and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What happens if we act like our normal selves in a job interview?!


Stay tuned to know the rest of this social experiment and to get a glimpse of my outfit and all the details.