4th of July: Independence Day

I’m going to be heading to the beach for some tan and ocean. YAY. Then, I’ll go on a motorcycle ride with a friend, which is as equally exciting as it is (a lil) scary lol. Then its fireworks time hahaha. yay.

Hope everyone is enjoying that day in the U.S and hope everyone is having a blessed day wherever you are.

Live. Love. Laugh

Lunch: Persian Food

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so delicious!!

Strawberry and Nutella French Crepes

mmmm so delii ❤

Deliciousness: Creme Brûlée and Cappuccino

Everyone deserves to try this combination. So deli ❤

Life after getting fired <3

A window for change.
A new beginning.
Fuller potential.

What does’t kill me, makes me stronger

A day in my job (pre-getting fired)

Early on the day as I was blessed with the ignorance of not knowing what lies ahead of me (getting fired) I opened the supply cabinet and right then, I was especially tempted with a shiny new post-it. Without hesitation, I picked it up. Ashamed of my intentions, I put it back. I sat at my desk for five seconds, then frantically got up, opened the cabinet, grabbed the babe, and wooosh, that thing went right straight to my purse. Yaaay, I thought, “Scoooooore”. I loved making lists and I was running low on the stack in my room. I closed my purse and felt a mixture of relief and victory.

Then, I remembered Jesus.

Immediately, I opened my purse and took the post it out and placed it on the desk in the office. I mean why make a stupid post it lure me into theft and sin.

Then, I got fired.

Immediately, I picked it up from the desk and throw it right into my purse. Though, not as a post it but as a token. Also cause I was like hell with it at this point haha.

Delicious Homemade Bazooki

Everyone has to try this delicious Bazooki. All you need is cookies and a vanilla ice cream.
P.s. For an extra delicious taste try making it with double vanilla ice cream and double chocolate cookies 😉








In My Bathroom ;)

Aren’t they the cutest thing EVER ;)?







My Lunch ;)

I love my tacos with guacamole… So delicious haha