I’m Back plus New Blog Schedule

Dear Wonderful Reader,


Thank you so much for bearing with me here, I know I haven’t been consistent in my posts, yet I received many follows and support from you. Nonetheless, rest assured that I take my blog and you very seriously because this isn’t a hobby for me anymore, but its a dream.

Its my dream to become a successful blogger.

I have been busy all last week with my new blog This Is The Day. The idea of this blog was actually born here on 4ever21Christina; I used to post quotes and pair them up with pictures that represents them, and it was a great success. So, I decided to create This Is The Day because I wanted to narrow the focus of 4ever21Christina, without having to let go of the inspirational quotes and pictures. Thus far I have been blessed with This Is The Day as it has been a great success.  Make sure to check it out, if you haven’t already. Also I have been updating my other blog I Heart Vocabulary  (yup, a third blog!) and it looks super fantastic and hipster-ish now; check that out as well.

Last but not least, I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning for my lovely blog 4ever21Christina and I can’t wait to (re)start this journey with you.  4ever21Christina is for the woman (and man) who are interested in learning about art, music, film, culture, fashion, beauty, spirituality etc. In other words, I am a woman who enjoys learning and being well-rounded about many subjects that interests me and I want you to embark  on this voyage with me.

So in spirit of all these changes, I made a weekly schedule and it goes as follows:

Musical Monday: Discover and rediscover new or old albums and artists from all sorts of genres and eras together.

Tasty Tuesday: Learn how to cook simply, deliciously, and healthy.

Wonderful Wednesday: Enhance your natural beauty and the beauty of your surroundings.

Thoughtful Thursday: Think and discuss more serious ideas about life, politics, books etc.

Fabulous Friday: Rock the latest fashion trends, and all that jazz.

Silvery Saturday: AKA Silver Screen Saturday; features a movie every week.

Sophisticated Sunday: All about art, baby!

Tasty Tuesday: Edible Arrangements & California Pizza Kitchen


I absolutely loved this little fruit bouquet. It was as delicious as it’s gorgeous. My best friend had it delivered to me as a late graduation gift. Also loved the lil vase it came in; it now sets very nicely on my dresser.This absolutely made my day ❤ ❤


Over the weekend me and my mom hung out at an outdoor plaza for mother-daughter bonding time. We went to Barnes & Nobles for a while, and then shopped/browsed the stores for fun. After our long, fun day we got hungry and I suggested we go to CPK. My mom LOVED this Spicy Chipotle Chicken pizza, and that is really impressive cause my mom is a REAL picky eater. She thought the cheese was excellent and the pan couldn’t be any better, and she loved the toppings.


If you got a sweet tooth, then the Belgian Chocolate Soufflé Cake is a must-eat at CPK. Can’t describe it cause words won’t do it any justice. Try it for yourself ASAP!
P.s. They also serve it with ice-cream ❤

Music Monday: Birdy by Birdy (2011)

birdy-extralarge_1329849215292Classification: Folk, Indie, Female Vocalist, Singer-Sonwriter, Piano, British
Release Date: November 4, 2011

Haunting, touching, and beautiful are adjectives that come to mind when describing fifteen years old British singer Birdy’s first debut, studio album, Birdy. I enjoyed the album very much and I know that It will become one of those albums that I will always listen to and appreciate. At first I didn’t have a strong impression about the album since my ears had to adjust to take in something so beautiful and pure. So, if you’re experiencing the same reaction, I would suggest listening to the album a few times before making your verdict.
Birdy’s voice is full of pain, beauty, and determination and the fact that she’s only fifteen years old makes her voice even real special. Birdy will touch your soul and that’s why I feel like it’s more of a Winter-y album, that goes better with hot coffee and rainy days.
The entire album is a collection of songs covered, or rather reinvented by Birdy, as she totally transforms each song (for the better imo) and makes it her own.
Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Songs:

. 1901: Sounds like sparkling water, river’s stream, and ocean waves.
. Young Blood: “Fall back in love eventually”.
. People Help the People: beautiful and full of soul. “If you’re home-sick, give your hand, and I’ll hold it”.
.White Winter Hymnal: Angelic, and perfect for Winter!

P.s. Sorry this was supposed to be posted yesterday. lol

Mona Lisa in Huntington Beach

A good fried of mine and I spent the day at the beach then decided to go have dinner at this small Italian restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious but I wasn’t feeling too good so I only ate a few bites, nonetheless I still ordered dessert. lol.