Tasty Tuesday: An Apple with a Twist

Dear Wonderful Reader,

I’m sure I am not the only one who will try to talk you into eating an apple a day, as I’m sure you may remember vivid episodes of your childhood where your mother nagged, and nagged on about eating that very one apple, or maybe she didn’t. Either way, I have done the research for you and eating an apple a day is extremely healthy and just so good for you. I strongly support the popular belief, or rather saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away“. But, in doing so, you and I can’t escape the inevitable, which is that apples are boring fruits and they are kind of tasteless and I really want to know what attracted Steve Jobs to apples so much. But, I digress!

Without further ado, I present to you the transformation of a boring apple to a somewhat healthy dessert (yes, just keep telling yourself that it’s a dessert until you believe it). You will need the following

a. Any apple of your choice

b. Any drizzle “sauce” of your choice such as caramel, chocolate, strawberry sauce or even condensed milk. I used my Dark Chocolate Dreams, which is blended with peanut butter, which contains healthy fats. Then, I microwave it until it reaches the appropriate drizzling temperature, since it’s not a sauce.

c. diced almonds/peanuts/granola (optional).




P.S. Drizzle wisely!

P.S.S. Presentation is key! It’s necessary to make your plain-Jane apple look like a million bucks because it makes it look more convincing to your brain.