Music Monday: Birdy by Birdy (2011)

birdy-extralarge_1329849215292Classification: Folk, Indie, Female Vocalist, Singer-Sonwriter, Piano, British
Release Date: November 4, 2011

Haunting, touching, and beautiful are adjectives that come to mind when describing fifteen years old British singer Birdy’s first debut, studio album, Birdy. I enjoyed the album very much and I know that It will become one of those albums that I will always listen to and appreciate. At first I didn’t have a strong impression about the album since my ears had to adjust to take in something so beautiful and pure. So, if you’re experiencing the same reaction, I would suggest listening to the album a few times before making your verdict.
Birdy’s voice is full of pain, beauty, and determination and the fact that she’s only fifteen years old makes her voice even real special. Birdy will touch your soul and that’s why I feel like it’s more of a Winter-y album, that goes better with hot coffee and rainy days.
The entire album is a collection of songs covered, or rather reinvented by Birdy, as she totally transforms each song (for the better imo) and makes it her own.
Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Songs:

. 1901: Sounds like sparkling water, river’s stream, and ocean waves.
. Young Blood: “Fall back in love eventually”.
. People Help the People: beautiful and full of soul. “If you’re home-sick, give your hand, and I’ll hold it”.
.White Winter Hymnal: Angelic, and perfect for Winter!

P.s. Sorry this was supposed to be posted yesterday. lol