Sophisticated Sunday: Sensual Women by Andrew Atroshenko Pt. 1

Dear Wonderful Reader,

Andrew Atroshenko is a Russian artist; he was born in 1965 in Pokrovsk.  His paintings are daring yet elegant, exquisite yet vibrant.



Intimate Thoughts







Andrew Atroshenko,20

Wonderful Wednesday: Warm Lemon Water in the Morning


Dear Wonderful Reader, 

I present to you Warm Lemon Water for a more wonderful-looking-and-feeling you!

This simple step has been a part of my morning routine for the past two weeks and it has proven itself to be a success. I have researched and it appears that lemon has great beauty and health benefits (hence, all the beauty and skin products that are made with lemon/lemon extract). The list could go on and on but I’ll just present you with the top benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

1. Clears Skin

because vitamin C and the other antioxidant found in lemon help revive and rejuvenate the skin, clear acne and blemishes, and decrease wrinkles.

2. Improves Digestion

by flushing out toxins and prompting the production of bile.

3. Helps Cure the Common Cold

and aids against immune system deficiencies.

4. Boosts the Sense of Well-Being

because of its refreshing taste, scent, and color.

The Recipe

1. Warm up the water. I usually drink it at 120 Fahrenheit and I use regular water from my faucet.

2. Squeeze half a lemon in your cup, preferably fresh or no more than a day old (make sure to keep the other half of the lemon in the fridge).

3. Pour the warm water in your cup and start your morning the right way!




Wonderful Wednesday: Bedroom and Restroom Decor Ideas

Hey Lovelies,

This Wonderful Wednesday holds a very special place in my heart because Egypt is finally freed from the cruel, barbaric Muslim Brotherhood Ruling. I am so happy for Egypt and this only makes me anticipate good things and a hopeful future for Egypt. Its true, the God is fair and good will always rule over the bad.

Moving on to the post, I decided to post some simple decor ideas captured straight from my own bedroom and restroom. I know some of you may think that I’m showing off but I’m only posting this because I really love all those pieces and I spent so much time and energy on them. I hope that it may inspire some of you to reinvent your bedroom or a part of your house that you’ve neglecting, cause we all know how our surrounding affect our mood and spirit.

Flowers: Michaels Vase: Edible Arrangements
Flowers: Michaels
Vase: Edible Arrangements
Globe: Things Remembered
Globe: Things Remembered
Globe: Things Remembered
Globe: Things Remembered
Lamp: Target
Lamp: Target
Solid Black Box: Ikea Perfume: Victoria's Secret (Noir)
Solid Black Box: Ikea
Perfume: Victoria’s Secret (Noir)
Dresser: Ikea
Dresser: Ikea
Frame: T.J.MAXX Picture: from a magazine/catalogue
Frame: T.J.MAXX
Picture: from a magazine/catalogue
Lamp: Ikea
Lamp: Ikea
Wall Clock: Ikea
Wall Clock: Ikea


Frame: T.J.MAXX Picture: from a magazine/catalogue
Frame: T.J.MAXX
Picture: from a magazine/catalogue


"Paintings": Ikea
“Paintings”: Ikea
Wall Mural: Target
Wall Mural: Target






Containers: Wall Mart
Containers: Wall Mart
Soap set: T.J.Maxx
Soap set: T.J.Maxx
Used a candle stand to function as a tray for perfumes.
Used a candle stand to function as a tray for perfumes.
Thanks Mom!  Made me some Turkish coffee while I'm blogging all this <3
Thanks Mom!
Made me some Turkish coffee while I’m blogging all this ❤

Bits of Childhood…

Man I wish I could rap
So please bear with me in that crap
I’m writing here trying to run away from my real assignments
I know am fooling myself but fuck it I feel enlightenment
And I’ll be working on that shit till I get the alignment
And I’ll be my own muse, sorry this ain’t no literature
I’ll just sit here reminisce, reflect, and enjoy my nature
Always hated school, man it felt like a prison
Those cold mornings, endless winters, ahhh unwanted season
Let me start by saying,  I felt like a dude
Just a skinny kid with no interest in food
My father dragged me out of bed and throw me at the gate with no supplies
I was the only chick who sat in the back with the guys
Never did my homework, was always late
Felt like like a boy but still with them couldnt communicate
Had no choice but to get embarrassed
But hell, I gained That courage

I remember i used to look at them chicks with such admiration
Wanting to be like them, feeling despiration, no exagerration
Wondered if i’ll ever be that girly
Ha ain’t life funny
Fast forward some years later, wait hold up pause
Do I hear a round of a  aplause haha
Alright, I was the chick that them chicks would look up to
They’d be like christina “Your eyes“, “Your hair“, “Your style
Their appreciation made my prison worthwhile
Gotta say thank you to my old classmates
I miss you guys, ha miss them dates
Shout out to Andrew, my very first crush
Me and Mina Foad sending them notes, ha young lover
Went from feeling like a boy to being the most popular girl in my class
I swear I’m not saying that to shove my conidence up your ass
I just wanna tell you to pray, ask, and dream
Ain’t no way around cause He’s the supreme