Day 11: My 10 (14) Pet Peeves


  1. Nail Clippings: Anything nail clippings’ related. When people clip their nails/toes with clippers that don’t have catchers and the clipping go flying across the room in a mysterious area and shall never be found except months later when you’re picking up that chip that just fell off, on the floor… I’m exaggerating of course but yes nails clippings.
  2. When my dentist tries to carry a conversation with me while operating on me.
  3. When family members drive my car or sit in the passenger side and leave change in the cup compartment. I’m not opposed to leaving change in cars cause you never know when you’re going to need it but I prefer to leave in a little drawer on the far left of the steering wheel.
  4. When I worked really hard to organize (and categorize) an area and then people (my sister) borrow something and doesn’t put it back the proper way/where it belongs and just shoves it somewhere.
  5. People who never apologize, even when they acknowledge that they’re wrong. I’m not being difficult but if you did something that you know is wrong towards me then just apologize and let’s move on. How else would I know that you’re aware that what you did was wrong and (hopefully) won’t do it again. Also, those who don’t say thank you.
  6. When people lick their fingers in public after eating. Or when they lick all their 10 fingers instead of washing their hands…:(
  7. When people crack weird joints in public, like their neck or back… (I don’t find it gross or anything but it makes squeamish). Also, when people mess with belly buttons (makes me squeamish as hell).
  8. When people have a million icon/file on their computer’s desktop on random places and when their trash isn’t empty (computer recycle bin….why is it called “recycle” bin..?!)
  9. When colleagues talk about how they went #2, or going to, or almost did (for people who are from outside The States, that means when people defecate). NO ONE needs to know this about you or is dying to find out.
  10. Again about work/school, when colleagues or classmates bring lunch or food that makes the entire room stink.
  11. Super over the top baby talk; the talk that breaks out when people are talking to babies, animals, or their significant other… Maybe I’m just a hater cause I’m not comfortable doing that but I find that annoying.
  12. When people say “like” 79579497663838757959 times in a sentence.
  13. When people on social media, especially the beauty community say dumb comments about make up/clothes like and are not exclusive to: “This is life”, “I’m living for this”, “This (insert materialist item) changed my life” *rolls eyes.
  14. Last but not least, Its hard to explain but when girls are eating and after they’re done eating they put their tongue behind their upper lip then out and it produces a sound similar to a lip smack. Does that make sense….