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Life after getting fired <3

A window for change.
A new beginning.
Fuller potential.

What does’t kill me, makes me stronger

Protected: Life after getting fired

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A day in my job (pre-getting fired)

Early on the day as I was blessed with the ignorance of not knowing what lies ahead of me (getting fired) I opened the supply cabinet and right then, I was especially tempted with a shiny new post-it. Without hesitation, I picked it up. Ashamed of my intentions, I put it back. I sat at my desk for five seconds, then frantically got up, opened the cabinet, grabbed the babe, and wooosh, that thing went right straight to my purse. Yaaay, I thought, “Scoooooore”. I loved making lists and I was running low on the stack in my room. I closed my purse and felt a mixture of relief and victory.

Then, I remembered Jesus.

Immediately, I opened my purse and took the post it out and placed it on the desk in the office. I mean why make a stupid post it lure me into theft and sin.

Then, I got fired.

Immediately, I picked it up from the desk and throw it right into my purse. Though, not as a post it but as a token. Also cause I was like hell with it at this point haha.

Reasons Why I Got Fired (Part 3)

In hindsight, Its like I knew today would be my last day.

Intuition, indeed.

1. Alright, so I had many thoughts floating in my head as I was driving (and crying) in my car about how I must have subconsciously known that today would be my last but now I really can only think of none. Oh well.

I’m really going to miss (some of) my co-workers and the fun I had working with them. There is also this kid whom I like and who claims that “he likes me”. I don’t know how it’s going to be now that we’re not co-workers anymore and we have to deliberately make efforts to see each other. Call me a pessimist, but I bet he wouldn’t care. And I might just reciprocate really, as I surprise myself a lot sometimes. I remember some years ago how I was really sad about leaving my old university because of the attachment I had with a certain guy. I even contemplated, though briefly, my decision of leaving for him. I thought that I’d miss him so much over the summer. To my surprise, nothing of that happened and he never entered my head and I was equally shocked and pleased with myself.

I got fired today (Part 2)

I really didn’t care and their opinions was nothing to me. But there is something about endings and goodbyes that leave me sad and sentimental. Knowing that it was my last time doing all the things I did, that always seemed frivolous to me, made me savor them. I grew pensive as I was opening the cabinets to look at how I organized them for one last time. Or logging in and out with my account that will soon be stripped out of its privileges.

Then, I started emptying out my cabinet and securing my belongings in my purse. I decided to leave my name tag though as an attempt to secure as little of presence as this small name can hold. In the back of head, I knew that soon someone will scratch it off and no will care but still. I left the the cabinet out displaying its emptiness…

I got fired today (Part 1)

They ordered me to the room and closed the door and said they had bad news. I knew it then. I had always suspected it, but still I was in shock. I was pretty composed, didn’t say much except: “No don’t be sorry!” and many “I’m fine”. They were telling me “the reasons” why they’re firing me. I didn’t justify myself nor did I felt compelled to give them an explanation. I really didn’t care and their opinions was nothing to me.

Hook-ups: We Live in a Generation of not Being in Love :$

It seems like its really hard to find love in this era. An era where hook-ups and zero-expectations are the norm. It seems like having standards and demanding certain rights from the other gender is “wrong”; because it makes you seem too “eager”.
I have many girlfriends who “like”, some even claim that they “love”, their hook-up but they continue to act cold, and nonchalant toward them for fear of rejection.
Why are we so afraid of revealing our true emotions when it comes to love and relationships? Why? How are we ever going to grow if all we do is pretend and play it safe?
I, myself, in the past have been a hook-up to some boys whom I thought reciprocated my feelings and eventually I found out the truth. I couldn’t remain silent then, and even though I lost their company and I was hurt, I really wouldn’t have been able to function with them and in my life with all that false pretense…

Diary: Its a Revolution in the Making

Have you ever wanted something so bad and waited for it so long. You wait and wait and wait, hoping that your patience will pay off at the end and maybe it will. BUT I”M SO TIRED OF WAITING AND WANTING AND WISHING on something that I feel will never going to happen. Sure I should be positive and optimist and just wait some more. But I can’t and I won’t and that’s because I’m an optimist. I figured if life doesn’t want to give me what I want then I have to two options: to submit, wait, and live in the hopes of finding what I’m looking for one day; or to turn the tables on life and eff it, since am not going to get what i want anyways, why play by it’s rules.

Sure, it’s going to take some practice, and whole a lot of self-talk to adopt to that new mentality and lifestyle but I must be stronger. I must be stronger than life. There are many quotes and philosophies that says we are a lot more stronger than we think we are, and they’re true. We’re always so bound by expectations; so prisoned by trying to conform to society and thats how we lost our vigor. I’m tired of waiting for things and being dissapointed by things I can’t control, but in a way maybe I deserve all of this because I rarely try to take control. So from on, hello VIGOR!!!

I wanna be bold, audacious, and vigorous. If I’m not to get what i want anyway, at least have fun at it. Ha

Do you guys ever feel the same way?