Majestic Beluga Whales

I was in awe in the company of those majestic Beluga Whales (or white whales). Truly, they were very graceful and had an air of playfulness and tenderness to them. My favorite exhibit at Sea World San Diego.thumb_dsc_0195_1024thumb_dsc_0193_1024thumb_dsc_0196_1024thumb_dsc_0194_1024thumb_dsc_0191_1024thumb_dsc_0190_1024thumb_dsc_0188_1024thumb_dsc_0187_1024


Lunch: Persian Food

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so delicious!!

Strawberry and Nutella French Crepes

mmmm so delii ❤

Outfit of the Day: Casual Classy 2, Reinvented ;)

Shoes & Headband: Forever 21

Deliciousness: Creme Brûlée and Cappuccino

Everyone deserves to try this combination. So deli ❤

I couldn’t help but wonder… is it time for change?

Always loved and was amused by how Carrie always started her articles by this phrase so I’mma use it lol.

I failed two of my courses this quarter and got fired from my job and it’s all due to procrastination and my perpetual habit of always being late and missing deadlines.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something. I feel like everything is being put into perspective and I’m finally unable to get away with irresponsibility like I used to before.

I think the universe is telling me that its time for CHANGE and a NEW BEGINNING as I’m approaching 22 and officially leaving adolescence behind.

21 was one of the most confused years in my life I gotta say.

How did you feel at 22?

Please share your thoughts with me, I’d really appreciate it.