Reasons why I should enjoy my job

14368905_563705627169645_8493449225522911358_nHello Wonderful Reader,

I am having the Sunday/Monday blues here. It’s 11:12 pm and I am not looking forward to the next day. I have vowed so many times during HARD TIMES that I would never complain about idiotic, trivial things such as traffic, or a job. BUT, here I am!! In a humble effort I am going to try to shift my perspective by listing the reasons why I am grateful for my job.


  1. I start at 6:00 am (by choice) and get off at 2:30 pm, which is earlier than most people.
  2. I can use my headphones at work.
  3. We have a Keurig machine at work (free coffee).
  4. My boss is working remotely and only comes 1 week out of the month.
  5. I have my own big cubicle, that is isolated from all others cubicles (except the fact the GM has tunnel vision to mine).
  6. I take 40 minutes lunches (instead of 30 minutes).
  7. I get to run my own meeting every week (which I dread but it is good practice to get out of my comfort zone).
  8. I get along with a couple of girls at work.
  9. It is generally a relaxed environment.
  10. My office is less than 20 people.
  11. We kinda don’t have a dress code.
  12. I GET PAID.



8 thoughts on “Reasons why I should enjoy my job”

    1. Great that you caught that. I guess it is not really what I want to do. I work on sales and it’s really mundane. But, I have a lot of stuff going on and so my stay there have stretched more than planned. I vowed that next job should be something that pays much more or something in the path way of what I want to do. Do you think it is necessary that we do something that we like?

      1. I think it makes a huge difference in quality of life. Money is an unfortunate necessity but if it can be combined with a passion or if work can be developed into something you’re passionate about, then yes, I think it’s necessary for sanity.

  1. For money I work at nbc as a makeup artist part time. The other part is as a photographer and lately I’ve been writing and illustrating children’s books (self publishing).

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