Let Go Let God



8 thoughts on “Let Go Let God”

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    When we allow GOD to take care of us, we become care free and behave in a way that reflects our belief in the one who made us. Letting go and letting GOD is hard for us to do because we worry so much on what is summed of as vanity. What we worry about and care for in the long run add little to our being.

      1. What shows God that we have let go is acceptance of whatever we comes to us believing that all things happen for good for those who love God and believe in him. In many situations this is hard to do but trials and finding out that really in most knotty situationsGod is there for you, makes you to learn how to let go. However, to let go we must first build a good relationship with God. We must believe, have faith and expunge fear and understand that we are nothing without God. A deep reflection shows that with God all things are possible and that it is what God sanctions that happen. Even when we think of what we label untoward or evil. When we realise that the one who created us “know us even when we were in our mother’s womb and that he knows our days before they come to be”Isaiah 49:1, Psalm 22:9 and Psalm 139. Letting go is trusting GOD. Like a game children and girls play in my land- they form a circle and falls to other people’s arms believing that their playmates will catch them. This is trust at its highest and when we have that trust, we will let GO. And our attachment level will drop drastically thereby bringing us JOY.

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