Books that I Have Enjoyed Recently

I suck at book reviews so don’t expect fancy reviews here. Though, please go to Amazon to read actual real reviews if anything sparked your interest, that’s what I usually do.


2011, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

I loved this book and how the writing really make the characters come to life. Definitely a book where you could still hear the characters’ voice visit you in your head months later or even years. Captivating story about Hemingway and his first marriage. About love, careers, France, Spain, babies. Highly recommend!!!!


2015, Circling the Sun: A Novel by Paula McLain

Just as colorful, Paula Mccain never fails to deliver memorable characters that will live with you for years. Our heroine is simple fierce and unstoppable just like the African tigers and horses.


2015, The Improbability of Love by  Hannah Rothschild


If you like over the top wittiness, then this book is for you. Simply amusing and irresistible book that will teach you a lot about the Art world.

1999, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason (2004) - 0001

This book is funny and describes perfectly what it’s like to be a woman caught in the world of dating and self help books and zero size supermodels magazines. A must read if you enjoy chick flicks.


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11 thoughts on “Books that I Have Enjoyed Recently”

  1. Hannah Rothschild?…..any connection to thee Rothchild family aka the richest family in the world…i wonder!?

      1. I had did some research as well. She is from London and was married to William Lord Brookfield, which Lord is a term used to address lower ranking members of the British Royalty. Also, listed in her charity overview is a link to the Rothschild Foundation networking £27,534,895.

        ah ha…found a link she is Indeed a Rothschild.

        “The Hon. Hannah Mary Rothschild is the daughter of Nathaniel Charles (Jacob), 4th Lord Rothschild (b.1936) and Serena Mary, Lady Rothschild (née Dunn) (b.1935). She is a writer and documentary filmmaker, and she also serves on the boards of various philanthropic trusts and museums.”

      2. Wow. Thank you. I did see the Lord part and I thought that might be a hint but I figured If she was they would probably mention it in her Wikipedia page.

        I wonder if the book is autobiographical of some sort. It’s very interesting and very like “old money”.

      3. They did mention it in her wiki page, in the reference section #10 Biography at Rothschild Archive. I take interest in things such as this. I respect the fact that she is letting her writing speak for itself, but with a last name like Rothschild how can it not succeed. “old money,” indeed. I am going to add it to my book list.

      4. Lol you caught me!!! I didn’t read the page throughly. Honestly the I really enjoyed the writing so much, I wonder if she actually wrote it herself. It’s very interesting book and very amusing. Let me know your thoughts once you finish reading it.

      5. I will…again thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love stuff like this and I will be sure to keep you posted!

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