Urgent: I found an injured bird, what should I do to save it?

URGENT: My mom saved a bird from a bigger bird that was trying to kill her. The bird is still alive but it’s has an open, big wound in her neck and one underneath her wing. I preformed some mediocre first aid on her but I am pretty sure I did a lousy job and the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center is closed. Does any body know what I should do? A bird vet? Or anyone that could perform first aid? Please help!!!!

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28 thoughts on “Urgent: I found an injured bird, what should I do to save it?”

      1. Ohmy, this makes the situation torn. Hmmm. Maybe if you take her to the hospital, there will be a possibility that they’ll take her, at least she’ll be cured but expect the worse that they won’t give her back to you.

  1. Hi! Thank for posting on my blog! From the picture, I cannot tell how big the wound is. It’s good to see that you clean the wound and bandaged up the poor bird. Since I am not a professional, I can only give you tips that I know from taking care of animals and some medical classes I have taken. I recommend that you change the wound every other day and check on the bird each day to make sure that the wounds are scabbing over. This is the only way to make sure that it heals and prevents infections. I also recommend you to keep the bird hydrated. Hydration is one of the most important things in sustaining life (animals can go without food longer than water). If the wound is big and or deep, I recommend going to a vet or wildlife rehab center so they could stitch up the bird and do antibiotics.

    Usually, the bird will not have an appetite for a day or two so it may be natural for them not to eat. But the best thing to do is wait and hope for the wound to heal or until you can go to a vet/rehab center.

    I hope everything goes well in the end!
    Best of Luck!


  2. we try to help birds the same way with cleaning the wounds and giving them water and a quiet place where they can heal. Sadly they often will not make it. It’s a very nice idea to bring the bird to a vet, I hope that will save its life, our paws are crossed.

  3. We had a bird fly into our window glass once. He got stunned and we were going to take him to a wild bird rescue, but as soon as my husband got close enough to pick him up, he woke up and flew away out of reach!

      1. We were so upset, we ending up putting window clings on all of our large picture windows to break up the space and stop birds from hitting them. It worked!

      2. That’s a great idea. You guys are simply amazing for caring so much!!! We have a bird nest on top of our house and I love waking to thier song in the morning (the price we pay is all tge bird poop lol)

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