That Angora Sweater Is Made With Horrifying Pain, Just For YOU.

Dear Wonderful Reader,
I present this to you with a sad heart and though it is more comfortable to turn a blind eye to all the animal cruelty that is around us, we owe it to those vulnerable and voiceless creatures to be their voice and stand up for them. Please do so by raising awareness and making kind choices about your diet, and clothes (why do we STILL use animal products in CLOTHES… seriously, I may get the nutrition part but clothes!!! Jesus!)

One Person, One World.

Christmas is coming up and people flock to the stores for gifts to loved ones and maybe yourself. Or maybe you are out to find a warm hat, scarf or a new pair of gloves for the cold weather?

Maybe you are, (just like I was) unaware of what these Angora rabbits go through in their short life? Maybe you didn’t either know the cruelty involved? I found out and will share what I now know.

UntitledNinety percent of angora fur comes from China, where there are no penalties for the abuse of animals on farms and no standards to regulate the treatment of the animals. When you buy a sweater, hat, or other product that contains angora, the angora fur most likely originated in China, even if the finished product was assembled elsewhere. Rabbits are extremely clean by nature and in these farms they are kept in tiny, filthy cages…

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4 thoughts on “That Angora Sweater Is Made With Horrifying Pain, Just For YOU.”

  1. I had an angora sweater many moons ago and it caused a horrible allergy… today I call this karma :o) I learnt my lesson … We have so much other options to get a fluffy and comfy sweater, so normally no animal needs to suffer just for a sweater…

    1. Totally agree!!!. I actually found out because I looked into the tag in one of my sweaters and was really upset when i saw “rabbit hair”. Wish I never bought it, but yep lesson learned.

      1. the worst is that many angora sweaters anyway land in the trashcan after a short time, they are super sensitive and they are far away from “was-n’-wear” :o)

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