Day 7: What is your Dream Job?


Dear Wonderful Reader,

It’s unsettling how I am 25 and still aren’t working my dream job. In fact, I don’t even know what my dream job. To be honest with you, I don’t even believe in the concept of “a dream job”. Quiet frankly, I feel like this is just bogus and probably a derivative of the “American Dream” bullcrap.

Simply, I want a job that I am going to enjoy. I know, I won’t even always enjoy it. I want a job that has purpose. Purpose that wakes me up everyday and urges me to continue. I believe  I would enjoy a job a fighting for a cause. I care deeply about animal rights, and spreading the Gospel, and helping people/animals in general. Unfortunately, with great causes come great pains. I am full of fear about diving into those topics I know there is an ugly truth to what’s happening to animal each passing second, and christian minorities in the world. The truth is ugly and there is so much evil, that I am afraid of being exposed to that and I’m discouraged to help.

But, with great courage comes great rewards. My prayer is that I could gain this courage and guidance to walk in my purposeful path.

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Christina is 25 years old, living in Los Angeles, USA. She graduated in 2013, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Creative Writing. Christina is a curious soul, so she filled her college career with classes about art, philosophy, fashion, photography, etc. You name it, she took it (say... archery? Yes. Hmm belly dancing? Yes!). Yes, it all that "learning" did result in prolonging her stay at college, but she doesn't regret it one bit, as she feels ready as ever to produce this blog to you and introduce you to her colorful world! She has three blogs, make sure to check them out: 4ever21Christina A blog for the happy, modern, well-rounded woman. Today Is the Day Tune in for daily inspirational quotes plus their matching photos. I Heart Vocabulary A vocabulary devoted blog.

8 thoughts on “Day 7: What is your Dream Job?”

  1. You can do it! Remember, in our weaknesses, HIS strength is made perfect! Whatever God has placed in your heart, boldly march forth to achieve it! Better to take a step than to regret it later down the line.. 🙂

    1. Thank you south for your encouragement. I am going to pray about this because I don’t know where to start or what to do. But I do appreciate your voice urging me to step forth. Thank you 🙂

      1. You’re more than welcome! 🙂

        After you’ve prayed, take some quiet time to really think things through, do some research to see what’s out there (i.e. communities) then make action points… And then last but not the least, give yourself mini deadlines…

        Its been in my heart to help young men and women achieve their goals as well as reminding them of their worth in Christ! I take that step each and everyday with the people that cross my path.. (sorry to bore you lol)

        I’m here if you’d like to discuss or talk some more.. 🙂

  2. I don’t know who wrote it, and don’t have the exact quote in front of me, but someone once wrote:
    “A man arrives in heaven to be judged by Jesus, who says ‘show me your scars’, and the man said ‘but Lord, I don’t have any scars’, to which Jesus asked, ‘you couldn’t find anything worth fighting for?’

    You have at least found your fight … now just need to collect your scars ; )

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