I am not a Late Bloomer, I am a Procrastinator

Procrastanation depletes the energy and will power is a muscle that you have to train.

I find that I either wake up and get to work and be productive; the productivity carries through from each small task onto the next. Or I wake up and linger bad and the bad cycle starts of bad food, bad energy, bad attitude, self-hatred and guilt, and days that look  the same. So I start small and I eventually have the energy to tackle the big  tasks.

I have lived with procrastination for a very long time and that is an understatement. It convinced me that I am a “late bloomer”. It led me to feel guilty for wasting my potential and hate myself and took a toll on my self esteem. On the outside, I convinced myself that I am young and had time and shouldn’t take life too seriously, and that I was “relaxing”. But the truth is: procrastination leads to a lack of preparation which never put me at ease or made me  relaxed.

So tomorrow, get enough sleep, eat a good, healthy breakfast, and have a yourself a productive day.

Tip: If you’re day revolves around doing mundane things like cleaning/organizing, or driving around, get an audiobook that will inspire you and listen to it. I always convince myself that I am actually “reading” and doing the other stuff on the side,whenever I feel like I am missing out cause I am sitting at home doing “boring” tasks. Audible.com gives you the first book for free and if you don’t like it you can return it (wink, wink).


I can relate and It sucks!