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Here are some stuff that I think are worth your  $$$ if you need them. Just some of my favorites. This post is going to be a little girly so you have been warned. 

Despite how much I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, I never feel comfortable with to much makeup on and I just can’t make it my lifestyle to always have my face caked or made up. So above I have Milani blush in romantic rose ($8-walgreens) and it is so perfect for that makeup flushed looked. No shimmer, no fuzz, just so damn natural, healthy glow. It makes me look like I had just done working out. Though, it is definetly more on the muted side, if you wear little to no makeup then this may be the blush for you. Also love the packaging and the title, so valentines day-ish.  

Maybelline eyeshadow palette in the blushed nudes ($10- target). Love how it has 12 colors so you’re not constantly switching between palettes ( not a beauty guru), had a good variety of darks and lights, with a little shimmer which I find gives of a very feminine vibe since I will be using this very subtly. Again this is for an easy makeup application for someone who wants to look soft and feminine (and didn’t want to post the $50 for an urban decay palette). 

The selling point of the eyebrow gel from Wet and wild for me was the price. Only a couple bucks to teme your brows; half the price of the maybelline one. 

My best friend got me this set for christmas and I love the scent because it reminds me of Victoria Secret stores (ironic!!, though they are sister companies) and they always smell so good. 

My best friend slay got me this and you could see already how much I have used up. It’s fruity but subtle and romantic ( valentines day!!!) oh and is pink Hahaha 

Bought this sally Hansen top coat and nail hardner because I am planning to take care of my nails from now on. I feel feminine and put together when I have a smooth coat of color on. And those colors are the ones I selected for the weeks leading to valentines day. 


Last but not least some skin care products. I am really pleased with this unscented Lotion and how it softens and soothes my skin. I am all for scents and flavors and I am actually a perfume fanatic, but lately I feel like my nose had became really sensitive and lots of scents that I love make me sneeze and irritate my nose so I had to start being more conscious of my body and it’s needs. Also its great for when I am sick cause I can’t use lotion because of its scent. 

Then I have three charcoal products I like. The mask from origins is great. The first few times I have used to, it made my skin tingle then j don’t know what have but I don’t feel that anymore which is good. 

The biore charcoal bar is really great and smells like peppermint which is great. It’s a little bit on the expensive side for a soap bar but I think of it as face wash and I use it with my clarasonic. Though, you can’t used it as an eye makeup reminder because it will irritate your eyes. 

My favorite thing is the biore charcoal strips; they have exceeded my expectations. Like most of you I use the regular biore strips on my nose, which were great the first few times I did them and I could actually see everything that has been pulled put on the strip and let me tell there is no greater  feeling bihahahaha but then I don’t what happened but they didn’t pull out anymore (obviously I had less black heads but I still had some) and using them just became a formality and everyonce in a blue moon, one strip would work as itshould . So when I saw the charcoal ones I had to try them since I had lost faith in the originals and man I was not disappointed. 

Warning: gross biore charcoal strip

As you can see for yourself, this strip actually pulled out a lot of black, white heads or what have you. So yaaaaasssss well worth it. 

 Happy valentines day!!!

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