Saying I Love You First…

I love you!


I know that women aren’t supposed to say I love you first, but I am down to break all the rules here. I just wanted you to know that I love you… You’re probably freaked out, but I just can’t imagine saying that to anyone except you. And even though we may not be on the same page yet, I am not ashamed of how I feel about you. I don’t wanna fight my feelings for you, I wanna nurture them because they’re beautiful.  And don’t you worry about hurting me and all that BS, because I can take care of myself pretty well. (And why do you assume I’ll be the one getting hurt anyways?!) But, I choose to be here because I want to and I want YOU. I can easily divert my attention from this, live my life (like I was before), and have this with someone new. But, I just don’t see the point cause I already have this with you and I want you and (baby) you’re worth it.

thenotebook1899Unless you wanna say goodbye, in which case I will accept your decision…The Notebook - production still

All I want from you is to see you… Let’s just hang out and see how it goes…just go with it and trust me, it won’t be so bad ;)!”


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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleonor Roosevelttumblr_n4sgv6IZ7Y1sq75pjo1_500



Paris is Always a Good Idea!

“Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive. But to be young was very heaven.” -William Wordsworth

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P.S. The screen shots are from “An Education”.

LIFE IS SO beautiful. So full of magic and possibilities.

Dear Wonderful Reader,

LIFE IS SO beautifulSo full of magic and possibilities. When Billy died, I thought that my story had come to an end. But I was wrong.

Joe helped me to find something I had lost along the way.  Something I’d once believed so strongly: that the storms of life are bound to come, but maybe even in the storms, in the loneliest  times of all, you’re never really alone.

Love is the most powerful thing on Earth. I’ve seen what it can do. And it can do amazing things. Sometimes I imagine a world where everyone knows of a love that’s unconditional. And what a beautiful world it is.

I think Billy had it right, that there truly is enough love to go around. All you have to do is share it.

What is God’s love is like the sun constant and unchanging? What if you woke up one day and realized…nothing can take away?”


P.S. Watch this life-transforming movie as soon as you can. Also there is a book version!