Sophisticated Sunday: Sir Frank Dicksee

Dear Wonderful Reader,

It’s no wonder that Victorian painter, Sir Frank Dicksee centered his works around great literary works and epic scenes.  I am very fascinated by his ability to tell stories through his paintings.

  • Born: November 27, 1853, London, United Kingdom
  • Died: October 17, 1928

Fun Facts

  • Dicksee was knighted in 1925 (hence, the “Sir” that precedes his name).
  • His father Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819-1895), his sister Margaret Isabel (1858-1903) and brother Herbert Thomas (1862-1942) were also painters, as was his uncle John Robert Dicksee (1817-1905). So pretty much talent runs in the whole family!

Dicksee.Romeo Romeo and Julietchivalry-large Chivalry, 1885Sir_Frank_Dicksee_-_The_Two_Crowns_-_Google_Art_ProjectThe Two Crowns, 1900la_belle_dame_sans_merci-large Frank_Dicksee_n_Offering An Offering, 1898dicksee7 The End of the QuestDicksee-The_Mirror-1896 The Mirror, 1896dicksee2 Miranda, 1878startledStartled, 1892 (How pure and beautiful is this one!)12Portrait of Elsa, Daughter of William Hall, 1927the-funeral-of-a-viking-1893Funeral of a Viking, 1893aPortrait of Dora (Whoever that Dora was, she was certainly beautiful or just a killer profile or both!)

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26 thoughts on “Sophisticated Sunday: Sir Frank Dicksee”

      1. Don’t worry, I got what you meant. The original one must be so expensive and I doubt it’s actually on sale. I really love this pairing of his, it’s so sweet, romantic.

  1. Like I said before, maybe you should consider becoming a museum, or just an Art curator. You do have an Eye. I have a little/short,really short tale I will share with you later today,in my one for me and one for you blog.

  2. The third last one reminds me of Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey. The last one too, I guess.

    Oh, and those vikings. You’d think they’d know not to hold the funeral at high tide with the waves crashing in on them like that, but…I like to think that the dead viking dictated the request very specifically, then died of his battle wounds while laughing at a joke they would get only later.

    1. Omg. I thought exactly the same about Marg Crawley. Her and the paintings posses that delicate, understated beauty. I never though about the Viking funeral like that but that’s a really Intresting way of interpret it. 🙂

      1. Lol, thank you! I read your post about Eisteintien and it’s pretty funny and the writing is light and clever. Uhmm I started my blog in 2012 but I have only been actively blogging for 7 months total through out 2012, 2013, and 2014. Hope that helps.

      2. Cool beans! Thanks for reading! I like your style too, and your taste in art is interesting.

        This Dicksee guy…his painting style is almost cartoon-like. In certain pictures he conveys precisely what I think he’s trying to, and in others I’m left wondering where it is he missed something.

        For instance, in the one with the two naked girls leaving the water? Look at how awkwardly he’s painted them in mid stride. Even if he had a camera with the fastest of shutters, not one frame would look like that.

        I like the one where the guy’s giving the chick (obviously on heroin, by the way) that little reverent angel statue, as if to suggest that she’s his everything. Look at his face, “Shit, I hope she likes this dollar store purchase, I kind really want to tap that.”

      3. Sorry for the late response.
        You’re right about the painting of the two girls, their facial expression showcases movement somehow. It’s weird! Like as soon as you look at the painting, you mind start imagining the whole scene but in movement. Though, I believe that a camera picture could have caught that lol.
        And what you said about that other picture is interesting too especially since the expression on the woman’s face is very confusing. You can’t tell if she’s flattered or weirded out because her body position looks so stiff!

      4. Heh heh. I think she’s freaked right the hell out, personally.

        “What, you think you’re going to get with THIS because of THAT? Pssshhh!!”

        Kind of like the dudes who do their last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping at the grocery store checkout.

        “Ooooh, chocolates AND a rose for $9.99? Everybody wins!”

  3. I had a poster of his on my wall when I was in college. Seeing that art brought back those days. Beautiful. Thanks for coming to check out the radical farmwives, and keep up the good fun…

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