Lunch: Persian Food

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so delicious!!


14 thoughts on “Lunch: Persian Food”

  1. now that is the mos beautiful photograph of food i’ve seen in a long time. i cannot say that i have ever aten persian food but if it looks that delicious, i will definitely have to give it a try. my s/o is always trying new recipses, so she may have fed me this kind of food some time without my realizing what the ingredients were. some of the selections do look familiar, you lucky person. so, it wa delicious, it definitely looks enticing. haven’t eaten since 8:30-m last night & have been up all night writing. thanks for checking out my post. your’s loos quite beautiful.

      1. i’m on the other coast in southern vermont. my s/o said that i probably have had some of the food that was on the plate you photographed. i’m going to work on her to see if she’ll work on trying to create some persian dishes of food. she is quite a good chef. dabbles in various culinary delights. thank you for the offer.

      2. s/o stands for significant other. it’s so much easier to abbreviate. i’ll work on her. she likes to experiment. if it happens i will let you know how it tastes to me. thanks.

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