Hook-ups: We Live in a Generation of not Being in Love :$

It seems like its really hard to find love in this era. An era where hook-ups and zero-expectations are the norm. It seems like having standards and demanding certain rights from the other gender is “wrong”; because it makes you seem too “eager”.
I have many girlfriends who “like”, some even claim that they “love”, their hook-up but they continue to act cold, and nonchalant toward them for fear of rejection.
Why are we so afraid of revealing our true emotions when it comes to love and relationships? Why? How are we ever going to grow if all we do is pretend and play it safe?
I, myself, in the past have been a hook-up to some boys whom I thought reciprocated my feelings and eventually I found out the truth. I couldn’t remain silent then, and even though I lost their company and I was hurt, I really wouldn’t have been able to function with them and in my life with all that false pretense…


2 thoughts on “Hook-ups: We Live in a Generation of not Being in Love :$”

  1. I’m not an expert or anything like that. However, if you don’t mind, I’ll share my thoughts. Finding love might seem hard b/c of the type of love being looked for. And people rarely display their true emotions once they ‘grow up’. I guess after being hurt so many times, you just tend to want to play it safe. And I can’t blame them. Opening yourself up leaves you vulnerable and exposed. It’s like standing in front of someone and giving them a gun pointed at your heart. After you’ve been shot once or twice, you kinda stop doing it…:)

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