Jealousy: Boy Meets Girl

Jealousy Sucks:
Jealousy is like the worst feeling ever. Right? Yes, obviously? haha
Because it makes us act unlike ourselves.
Like I don’t like myself when I’m jealous. I just feel so annoyed like.. like like I can’t even live. You know what I mean. Ughhhh

Boy Meets Girl (personal story)

Boy meets girl on the first day of work. Boy flirts heavily with girl. Boy asks girl to hang out with him after work. Boy and girl do hang out after work in a romantic little garden with trees and a small beautiful lack. Boy cunningly tries to touch girl. Boy begs girl to take off her shades. Girl grow interested in boy. Girl tells boy she has to leave. Boy walks girl to her car. Boy tells girl that she has something in her hair. Boy stretch out his hand to take it out. The air is charged with boy and girl attraction toward each other. Girl thinks, “It feels like a magnet in here” haha. Girl hugs boy goodbye. Boy tries to kiss girl. AKWARD. Girl feels to her. Girl wanted to kiss boy but boy is her co-worker and she barely met him.
Boy and girl hang out for two months.
Boy and girl fight.
Girl stop talking to boy for six months.
Boy and girl still see each other at work but they don’t communicate.
A new chick at work….

To be continued….


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