Outfit of the Day: The French Influence

Dress: Cotton On, Denim Jacket: Wet Seal, Scarf: Nordstroms, Shoes: Shoedazzle.com, Purse: Love Culture, Necklace: forever21, Shades: Ray Ban

Woooohooo my first out of the day. The pictures are pretty rushed but still hahaha. I promise better pictures in my next posts.
I was on my way to watch the Dictator, which is hilarious. Then, I went to watch The Hunger Games, which was pretty vivid and super entertaining.


P.s. My hair is in this weird bun because it was drying hahaha


Hell Ya I’m Happy<3

Thank you guys for all your support. Thank you for liking. Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I’ll keep you in my prayer even though I don’t really know you haha

I ❤ you


“Remove the obstacles. Untangle the clutter that’s standing between you and the productive, fulfilling life that you crave.” Julie Morgenstern

Titanic: Melt my Heart…<3

Is it me or is this the most beautiful moment ever. It seems so surreal. The music is unreal. Watching this scene just melts my heart.

Favorite Sex and the City Scene

I want him<3

I couldn’t help but wonder…

Do you guys remember where this is from … hahah

I really miss Sex and the City. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, Mr. Big and (my cutie) Steve.

If I have to choose which one is the “most me”  out of the four girls, It definitely has to be Carrie and here’s why:

1. She’s loves to analyze everything (as shown through her column).

2. She’s really down to earth.

3. She’s adventurous .

4. She’s romantic yet very crazy.

5. She writes.

6. She’s an all or nothing person (Hence her relationship with Mr. Big and their first break-up).

7. She has a unique fashion sense.

8. She has curly hair haha

I couldn’t help but wonder, which one of the girls represent you? lol

Delicious Homemade Bazooki

Everyone has to try this delicious Bazooki. All you need is cookies and a vanilla ice cream.
P.s. For an extra delicious taste try making it with double vanilla ice cream and double chocolate cookies 😉